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One BadMAMAJamma

I’m either experiencing a bout of crazy or deep down I trust my instincts and know I can tap into my inner supermom. I am hosting my Working Mom’s Club (the rsvp list counts 23 moms and kids attending) at my place tomorrow for our monthly play date….no biggie, I’ve done it before but usually just let the kids play with the gazillion toys my son has. But not this, this time I got the wild idea to set up CRAFT tables. Not a singular craft table, but multiple! And my crazy extends, I’m making my own all-natural PLAY CLAY!

So tomorrow’s activities include finger painting, chalk drawing, and play clay. I also asked my friend if we could borrow their bounce house (Fussypants loves jumpys) but when they pulled it out they realized it had sprouted mold…dear friend suggested that if I wanted to clean it, I was more than welcome to borrow it….but I declined as that really didn’t sound like my idea of a good time.

So wish me luck and I’ll post pictures on Monday!

Happy Friday to all! This BadMAMAJamma is going to the Blink 182 concert tonight to tap into her forever age of 22 and cannot wait! Happy Friday, indeed!



  1. Have fun tonight and GIRL you are crazy…kids, glue, clay? AHHHHHH!

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