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Slowing things down

As a Virgo, I was Queen of planning things well in advance but since marrying my easy(ish)-going Leo hubby, I’ve slowed up on planning everything. I couldn’t get him to commit to weekend plans a month way so I had to readjust my strict scheduling ways and learn to take things one day at a time…when scheduling is something built into your DNA, that is no easy task but modifications had to be made. Life is about compromise.

Back in 2006, after we miscarried, we waited two cycles before going back to fertility and when we did, we were told that I had a largish cyst in one of my ovaries that would only grow if I took the fertility drugs. But the kicker came when we were told that our quickest option to shrink the cyst was to go on the Pill. So there we were, actively trying to conceive a baby yet taking birth control. The irony was not lost on me and I actually had a good laugh for the first time in months. It was at that time that I really gave in to the notion that God has a plan and while we do dictate some of our destiny (free will and all), sometimes you just have to take it one day at a time to get where you are going. Taking the pill worked and we conceived our amazing son the next month. That was when I realized that taking it one day at at time and recognizing so far, so good, is a decent way to go through life.

An update on my play date…it was so fun but the play dough was no bueno. Apparently the secret to good homemade play dough is using boiling water…makes it less sticky I guess. My recipe just called for hot water, and the play dough was sticky. But the colors turned out great (I used hot chocolate powder to make brown, paprika to make orange, and grape juice for purple). The purple was so inviting to look at, hunky hubby even taste-tested it but just because it is edible, doesn’t mean you should eat it. He said he got his salt intake for the entire year! But it was a great day. I forgot my camera cord so pictures soon!

All in all – so far, so good.


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