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I have a confession to make. I am not a fan of sexy lingerie. I know, as a woman, I’m suppose to feel “pretty” underneath it all and that wearing slinky undergarments can help get me to that place. And trust me, I have four drawers full of sassy, sexy, slinky, barely-there lace, silk, ruffled goodies. But I’m more about comfort and functionality then sex appeal. When I know I’ve got date night with hunky hubby I’ll bring out the big guns, flaunt it and wear it with pride but at work, I don’t want to wear a lacy g-string. I want to wear a comfortably nice, boring, functional, practical cotton thong.

One year, for Christmas, when my hubby asked what I wanted I told him that I really needed practical underwear for work. Come Christmas morn, I was presented with an elaborately wrapped box from Fredrick’s of Hollywood. My heart sank at the thought of un-comfort in the work place but inside were not the tiny lace sexy panties I was expecting but functional cotton ones. My hubby smirked and said that if he had to buy boring at least he’d get them from a place that has other potential.

A little while back my mother-in-law came for a visit and was spending the night (might have been when we went to Vegas), anyway, she had her stuff in the bathroom so she could take a shower and when I went in to leave a towel I saw her bra on the counter. The same exact bra that I own, love, have in several colors and wear all the time. It’s a Maidenform demi with flower applique on the straps. It’s cute, comfortable and pure practicality.

So my question is….does this make my mother-in-law hip or does it make me matronly?

photo from flickr.com


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