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Kreativ Blog Award

My TWO year blogging anniversary is coming up on 10/18/09, and whoa did those two years go screaming by. I think the reason I didn’t really even notice was because Fussypants was making his own racket. I started blogging because my friend Kara D always laughed at my baby escapades and some of the things that have happened don’t quite seem real but mostly I do it for myself because writing is like air to me. Only a few people know I blog and one day I’ll share it with the world (i.e., post on facebook) but for now I’m happy to write about the wonderful and silly things that, to put it simply, are just my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m so excited to share that I received a very sweet Kreativ Blog Award from my friend Tonya who writes Letters For Lucas, an insightful, intelligent, and sweet blog to her infant son. Thank you, thank you for thinking of me!

The etiquette for accepting this award include:
  • Thank the person who gave the award.
  • Copy the award and place it on your blog.
  • Link to the blog that nominated you.
  • Tell your fellow bloggers seven things they may not know about you.
  • Pass it on.
I’m a really open book and I tend to project myself onto others whether you like it or not so I had to delve deep to find seven things one might not know about me! Here goes:

Seven Things About Me:

1. I’m head over heels in love with my husband (nine years married this month) but some days I don’t like him because he can be very judgmental but I always end up feeling bad for not liking him when he is being judgmental, because it makes me feel like I’m judging him.

2. I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue.

3. As a mom I worry about many things but my greatest fear is not being financially stable when we are old (too old to work). And I have an absolute irrational, sometimes paralyzing, fear of sharks.

4. I have a passion for photography and several really, really nice cameras but I rarely use them and that bums me out.

5. I was adopted before I was born and I have an amazing family but being the curious person I am, I did some detective work and one year ago this October I found my birth family and now have a relationship with my bio-mom, her daughter and son and bio-grandma and my bio-dad, and his two daughters. I plan to write about all this but so much has happened from 1970 until now that it’s taking me a little time to find the right words.

6. I know I talk ALLOT but I also cherish comfortable silences.

7. I have a really, really hard time falling asleep with any sort of light in the room or noise (sometimes my alarm clock light is too bright and it bugs my hubby I don’t like to fall asleep with the iPod or TV on) but I can sleep on any airplane, anytime.

To pay this award forward…I thought about this all night. I have several friends who blog and who write blogs I read often so I had several choices and I want to recognize my friend Tara’s blog, Blondie ‘N SC. Tara’s blog is honest, inventive, and some of her posts are so beautiful they make me strive to be more girlie than I currently am. :) And she is so consistent with her posting, I always have something fun to read!

So far, so good!



  1. Happy almost 2 year anniversary!! I love reading your posts, i read them all of the time, I just don't comment on them all!! You my dear have a fabulous way with words and I think you need to write a book…I didn't know about you finding your birth family, that is amazing!! thank you so much for your kind words Coreen, I am blessed to know you…and to have your friendship! thank you!

  2. Ms. Tara, you are quite welcome! You deserve it and don't forget to pass it on!

    I'm happy you enjoy my ramblings and promise to share my Finding My Birth Family story soon…it is interesting!

  3. Congrats on your award! I'm so proud of you. :-)

  4. ps – you know when you're ready to write a book you've got an editor. ;-)

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