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Let’s Go Kings!

Fussypants, an avid hockey fan, went bananas every time the Kings scored. Sadly, he did not make it on the big screen (and pointed that out to us repeatedly – I don’t see myself on the TV) but he had fun anyway. And hunky hubby and I, who have been on the big screen before and try to avoid it as much as possible due to the fact that nobody over 40 or kissing 40 should be shown AT LARGE under florescent lighting, have now made it our mission to get his adorable, wonderful mug on the big screen.


He also got a super cool Kings glitter “tattoo”! When we said he could show it to all his freinds at school, he was excited then said in a serious tone, “But Logan can’t put his boogers on it“. Ugh, don’t even get me started on that one…


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