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Stinkypants, Smartypants

Image: wackystock.com

All weekend Fussypants was gassy. Hunky hubby and I were convinced he had pooped but 9 out of the 10 times we checked – no poops. It was sort of a repetitive cycle – we’d ask him if he pooped, he’d tell us no, then stand patiently while we checked because the rancid smell wafting from his direction couldn’t be just gas, could it? And then we’d feel bad for not believing him and that was our Saturday.

On Sunday, Fussypants and I went to the Original Pancake House for grub, where he proceeded to get more syrup on his clothing and extremities then the napkin then went to the playground where the syrup attracted all the dirt and tanbark in the place. He loved it. The swings are his fav, but he had fun on the jungle gym and slides too. Dirt galore. And then, in the great outdoors, I smelled the poops. Groundhog day…so I asked him if he pooped, and he said, “I’m going to say no, you say yes and then you check me, ok?”

I could not stop laughing, he is such a smartypants. And no poops…that is until about five minutes later. And that time, when I asked him if he pooped, he just started to giggle, the little stinker.



  1. Funny post, especially since I just cleaned up one of LMW's biggest poop blow outs.

    Mattias is just too smart for his own good!

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