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The things we bear

I have always been fiercely loyal and the first to defend my family, I always have my husband’s back and now, as a mother, keeping my child safe and happy drives me. So I am taking a moment to praise women like Elizabeth Smart, who lived through unimaginable horror, yet are still strong, determined, and trying to make a life out of what they are left with. She may be 21 now, but the mother in me sees the 14 year old she was and I just want to hug her. Her bravery tugs at my heart.

She testified today as part of a competency hearing against the depraved no excuse for a human that kidnapped, drugged, raped and stole her childhood. I am not going to recount the details, you can read it here, but bless this woman (and the so many others that are lost or have been found) and may all her days going forward be only filled with good things.



  1. Wonderfully put, bravo! I can't even begin to imagine that poor woman's inner most thoughts or nightmares. God bless her with good rhings in deed. :)

  2. Amen….so sad…this might sound funny, but I have a horrible memory and it is VERY selective, at times it is a curse but when I think about what she went through I sort of think we only remember what we really want…and hopefully she has a selective memory as well…god bless her!

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