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Did you know that French Fries are NOT potatoes?

I made hamburgers, broccoli and cheesy scalloped potatoes for dinner last night (found out I’m a little anemic so was looking to up my iron levels naturally).

A work night for hubby (funny tidbit about that at end of post) so it was just me and Fussypants. I had low expectations that he’d eat the veggies, even sprinkled with cheese and an offer to dip dip in ranch dressing, but I just assumed he’d eat the meat and potatoes because he is Captain Carb/Protein Kid. No issue with the burger but he refused the potatoes. Our exchange went like this:

Him: I don’t like potatoes
Me: How can you not like potatoes? French fries are made from potatoes
Him: No, french fries are not potatoes

Me: Yes they are

Him: No they’re not

Me: Yes they are

Him: No they’re not (starting to get more than a little pissy)

That is when I realized I was debating the origin of the fry with my not quite three year old….and losing. Does that make me crazy? Or just in need of some adult conversation?

Hunky hubby aside:

Got a text yesterday afternoon from hubby, he was on the rig on the way back to his station and he said he got to drive one of these all day:

His exact comment was “real fun. I put the rear end in the perfect position and drove it like I stole it“.

I laughed out loud. It’s so refreshing when you find someone who truly loves his job.

Happy Friday (years ago a friend had her baby on a Friday the 13th so I’ve since considered it a lucky day)!

Fussypants has Skate Lesson 2 tomorrow, wish us luck.


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