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Halloween 2009


We went to the Coastal Fertility Medical Center (the place that made Fussypants possible) Miracle Babies Halloween Party during the day. It was close to 1000 degrees (seriously, where is Fall) so Fussypants went as “soccer guy”. He called Dr. Werlin “Dr. Hair” and taught him how to do the back and forth knuckle handshake, that hunky hubby taught him how to do last week. Everyone thought it was adorable. My kid totally rules.

Then my folks came over and we went Trick o’Treating. It was Fussypants first time really, as last year he freaked out and refused to go to any house saying it was all “too spooky”. His $132 Hockey Giant gear was outstanding.

He was so stinkin’ cute and almost every house we went to mentioned that he was the cutest they’d seen. He was also the most polite. He said “Trick or Treat, Thank you, Have a nice weekend and See you soon” to just about every neighbor. He wanted to go to every house possible (our neighborhood really gets into the spirit of Halloween, almost every house participates, decorates and most adults dress up). He kept asking to go to “one more spooky house please”.
Then, when we got back, he dumped his candy treats out and shared them with everyone, including the trick o’treaters ringing our doorbell. He’s so sweet, we are so blessed.

Even Wonderdog participated!


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