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Today’s Phrase Gem

Captain Fussypants was still channeling Captain Sleepyhead this morn so I dressed him with his eyes closed, while sucking his thumb. Got his long-sleeve tee on but didn’t get his hand all the way through the opening before he tried to shove his thumb back in his mouth, and ended up with a mouthful of fabric instead.

His eyes flew open wide and he squealed “MY thumb, MY thumb, I can’t suck my thumb”.

I was almost laughing too hard to help him free his digits from the fabric fold but managed to do so, crisis averted.

I forgot my camera cord today but I have some great footage of ice skating and other weekend activities so look for that post tomorrow. He did 1000xs better at lessons. He is just like his daddy in that sense – a natural athlete. And I’m a proud mama.


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