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Baby in the Abstract

The fact that I am pregnant is an abstract idea to Fussypants. We haven’t really talked to him about it much yet but his teachers have mentioned to him that he is going to be a great big brother and he understands the concept of baby sisters and baby brothers. He has already asked us if we can buy a new bottle for his baby (he apparently does not want to share his own) and told his teacher that his baby needs a seat for the car (his little friend Kaitlyn has a baby sister and her mom brings the baby in her car seat into the classroom so we think this is where he got that idea). He’s also really into baby Jesus right now since it’s Christmas and he goes to a Lutheran Preschool and they get to sing songs in chapel. But where this baby is coming from is well beyond his scope of understanding.

This morn he was being silly as I got him ready for school and wouldn’t stay still while getting dressed and in the midst of a wiggle fit almost kicked me in the tummy, twice. I told him he had to be careful of mommy’s tummy because of the baby.

He was skeptical. He pulled my sweater collar and peered down my top and said he didn’t see a baby. So I pulled up my top and showed him my baby bump.

(This pic was taken at 13 weeks, so my bump is a little bigger now)

He asked me if baby Jesus was in there, which made me laugh out loud. Then he informed me that I wasn’t having a dinosaur or a monkey. To which I felt greatly relieved.

I don’t expect him to understand it, but it is amusing watching the wheels in his head turn while he tries to work out where babies come from.



  1. You're showing! I love your baby bump, but I'm glad you aren't having a dinosaur or monkey. :)

    MZK is going to be a great big brother after he gets over the initial shock.

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