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Feeling todderlish

Loving Glee. One of my favorite lines is when Rachel is described as dressing like a toddler and a grandmother at the same time. I had a toddlerish moment this morning. Hunky hubby got my maternity clothes out of storage (for the record, had my monthly check-up yesterday. Baby2bee’s heartbeat was a strong 147 and I’ve gained – according to their scale – 8lbs. Not bad for 15 weeks. By this time with Mattias I had gained 8 lbs in one month!)

My toddlerish moment came when I realized the maternity pants I chose to wear today sports an adjustable waistband, the kind with the elastic and the button, just like my son’s pants. When I bought these during my first pregnancy I didn’t have a toddler so I had limited knowledge of adjustable waistbands. I probably thought it was a genius idea. Today I feel just a little silly as adjustable waistbands seem childish. Still, it is a genius idea. One that Joey Tribbiani would embrace, especially during the holidays.



  1. You're in your maternity clothes, that's exciting! I never had adjustable pants…but they sound genius to me. All of my stuff had big bands that grew with me.

    Let me know if you want to borrow any stuff…I have a great pair of jeans and several cargo-type pants and a few tops. Mostly summer wear, but you could layer.

    Glad to hear Baby2bee is doing well, :)

  2. Thanks Tonya, for the offer of clothes. I'm good right now, in addition to the clothes I alreayd had, Jennifer gave me about 10 pairs of jeans! I still fit in my regular pants but cannot zip them up any more. I have those bellybands but they are just not comfortable to sit in all day and since I can't type and stand…maternity pants it is!

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