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It’s a……(drum roll)


Had a doc appt. on Monday. Baby girl looked beautiful, and very active. So far, so good. Hunky hubby and I are a little shocked, so expected baby to be another boy. But we are embracing our blessings and looking forward to having a daughter. Fussypants is very excited to have a baby sister.

And it appears she has the same button nose as Mattias in the ultrasound pic. :)

And more good news, my brother got engaged! He went through a nasty divorce (his evil ex cheated on him for a year before he found out and it was just ugly) a while back but I am so thrilled that he was open to finding love, found a wonderful gal and is getting married again. It’s so optimistic and hopeful. I love it!




  1. A girl!!!!! yippee, that is so exciting, now you have one of each!! Merry Christmas to you and your family…much love, Tara

  2. Congrats all around! So happy for you guys. :-)

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