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Wednesdays Verbal Gem

Kept expecting Fussypants to start my day off with something funny but he was oddly well behaved all morning. But that can only last so many hours…

We are doing the potty training thing, and we have a sticker reward board. I created the board prior to thinking about what stickers I was using, so the only stickers that fit into the squares I made (using a ruler and everything) are kinda goofy. They came with Dr. Merry’s Potty Pal Flip Lid that hunky hubby installed.

In the little book that houses the stickers, the parrot goes with the picture of the PottyPirate, the Star with the PottyPrincess, the Butterfly with the PottyHorse and the Flower with the Potty Dinosaur (which I’ve renamed pottysaurus). Since Fussypants recently announced his new favorite color was black (color of the LA Kings jerseys) instead of pink, he only wants to use the parrot stickers.

I mention that because of the comment he made last night while sitting on the potty. He was sitting and not going, which is fine and normal, but when I asked him if he was going to pee in the potty he replied, “maybe a parrot will come out of my toot!” and launched into a fit of giggles. I guess you have to be almost 3 to understand it but I like the fact that he is making jokes. Thank goodness he has a sense of humor.


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