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The 3 Yr Old Check-Up

Fussypants had his 3 yr old check-up today at the doctor. He’s 37 3/4 inches (above average) & 33 lbs (average). He performed all the tasks the doctor asked (taking off and putting on his own shoes, zipping and unzipping his jacket), answered all the doctor’s questions and even told the doctor his stethoscope was cold (me thinks our doc was impressed Fussypants not only knew what it was but could pronounce it).

I had read up on what to expect at this appointment here so I knew the doctor and nurses would try to slyly get him to do certain “motor-skill” tasks and answer certain questions in a conversational manner, to see if he could do them without them asking, so I just sat back and observed. Not an easy thing for any mom to do, especially a fixer (or as hunky hubby categorizes – enabler) personality like mine, but Fussypants far exceeded all of our expectations.

On the list of things he Should be Able To Do, he is doing all of them and more. He’s at more of a beginner stage when it comes to potty training (he goes on the potty no problem but won’t tell us he has to go nor will he take initiative to go himself), but he’s on track. And the fact that he isn’t the best eater is normal! I have that in writing! So all in all, I was relieved.

My dear friend Tonya blogged in her recent post about baby milestones, and I knew we had this appointment coming up so it got me thinking about Fussypants and scrutinizing every detail and I almost forgot to take my own advice - kids all develop at their own pace and that is why there are “ranges”. Still, it is a relief knowing that Fussypants is ahead of the curve in many aspects. And not only that, he is also healthy and happy, which are my two main desires for him.

Picture taken at last nights Kings game. I think I look really tired, but then I remembered that I am. :)



  1. HA, I'm not the only one! A wise mother, once told me…"It's important to keep in mind that is why there are "ranges"…every child develops differently." :) xoxo

  2. Yeah for fussypants!! we have ours sooner then later! oh and the potty training, not going well over here…he has NO desire, too busy I think! ha!

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