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Another Awwww Moment

Hunky hubby and I had a date night on Saturday and one of our fav sitters came over. Fussypants adores her, and since she doesn’t believe TV & children mix (she’s 22 and in grad school so her idea of children & TV may change once she has a few of her own) she’ll play all of Fussypant’s games with him, no complaint…hours of hockey with a dinner break is a little slice of heaven to Fussypants.

We’ve never had an issue when she’s watched him but she mentioned that he went to bed ok, then started crying, but she read him another book and he fell asleep, only to wake up a little later and start crying again. She said when she checked on him, he was sleeping but seemed restless. When we went to check on him, he was snoring away in dreamland, so we figured it was nothing.

The next morning I said to Fussypants, “J told us you were crying when she put you to bed last night, what was wrong?”

His response melted my heart, “Mommy, I was crying for you, I wanted you to put me to bed.”




  1. Awww is right! That's so sweet. Glad you and hunky hubby got to go out though. It was fun seeing you. xoxo

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