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Happy 3rd Birthday! and Happy New Year! Hello 2010!

Fussypants turned 3 on 1/02/10!

He woke up in a really good mood, then had six meltdowns for no reason throughout the day, one of them lasting the entire ride to Los Angeles for the afternoon Kings game, with my parents squished into the backseat of the mommy buggy with him. My mom, his Nana, gets a gold star since she was sitting right next to him and had to endure the most wailing and kicking.

Actually, she’s a saint and deserves a sky full of stars because she took care of both me and Fussypants the week prior when we had the stomach flu and hunky hubby was working and then my dad got a horrible chest cold and actually threw his back out coughing, so she also had to take care of him, with not one complaint and still managing to work remotely!

This post was suppose to be be about my tot’s 3rd birthday but I’ve changed my mind, here’s to moms! A toast to all of you that step up and step in. And a special cheers to my mommy, for being the best and for always helping me out! I love you!

More posts soon, I have some cute holiday pictures to share.

Happy New Year to all and hope 2010 brings many blessings. Our year has fun things in store; our baby girl is due in May, my brother is getting married in August, I turn 40 in September and hunky hubby and I have our 10 year wedding anniversary in October. I thank God every day for the good things we have. Here’s to many, many more!



  1. I can't believe he's 3 already! Time flies.

    Congrats on 3 years of the little guy.

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