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Potty Training Update

A dear friend told me not to stress about potty training, that it’ll happen, and for some kids it happens in a day…they just decide they are ready.

After all the encouragement, sticker rewards, kicking, screaming, and flat-out refusals suddenly Fussypants is ready. Why now? One of the other boys in his class had cool underwear. Seriously. Undergarments won him over.

He’s had two accident-free days in underwear now, which makes me really, really proud of him. Never thought I’d say that. Motherhood really alters your perspective of what you thought was important. But I am beaming that my kid is making such great progress with potty-training.

Preschool puts in him a pull-up for his nap and we’ve yet to let him run around in underwear at home due to the fact that we’ve not really been home with skate lessons and hockey games but two days in a row he’s worn underwear for the 30 minute car ride home from school with no problem. He likes to tell me that “we don’t go potty in the car” (in case I forgot).

Gonna let him be pull-up free when we get home tonight, before bed (he’s not dry every morning, so he’ll wear nightnight pull-ups for awhile still) and I’m just so happy that he’s doing so well with potty-training. It’s the little things.

So far, so good!

Happy Friday!



  1. Ha, I just wrote a little SOS on my blog about this! too funny…we haven't really started with my punk, but I don't want to scare him…he is not interested. We start preschool in September so we have some time…I love all the advice and figure when he is ready it will all work…but, I would love to not change diapers anymore! lol! Way to go M…keep up the good work!

  2. Yay for MZK (and you too)!!

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