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Sleeping is so hard!

Fussypants was a terrible sleeper until he was 19 months of age, then he started sleeping like a rock. Now, at 3, we have consistent good days with a sprinkling of bad days. The bad days are mostly because he wants to stay up and play or because he wants to snuggle with me instead of his stuffed puppy. (He loves to wrap his fingers in my hair when he falls asleep. It’s not fun for me, as he pulls the crap out of it, but it’s something he’s done since he was very small and it is a comfort thing for him).

Yesterday, due the the MLK holiday, he had a play day with daddy and ended up taking a nap later in the afternoon, waking around 5:30p. So when I tried to get him to bed at 8p, he wanted nothing to do with it.

It went something like this:

Fussypants: *Crying* I want you to sleep in here with me!
Mommy: The sooner you go to sleep, the sooner it’ll be daytime and a brand new day to play!

10 minutes later

Fussypants: *Crying* is there sunshine yet?
Mommy: *Laughing* Nope, it’s only been
a few minutes.
Fussypants: It’s so hard to sleep, it’s so hard!

Reminds me of this comic I’ve had since his birth. One day, he is going to want to sleep all the time, and I won’t let him, karma baby!


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