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Undergarment Issues

Last week I put my panties on inside out. Thankfully not on backwards but the funniest thing about it was that it took me until noon, and at least 3 trips to the ladies room, before I even noticed. Today I wore a dress, I primped, I powdered. No reason, other than I felt like dressing like a grown-up since my uniform of late has been jeans and stretchy tees. I even wore flips flops to work yesterday and left the house with my hair wet, that’s how lazy I’ve been with my appearance.

So back to me wearing a dress…it’s a wrap dress made out of that silky polyester/spandex material (Old Navy Maternity) that shows every.single.flaw. So, brilliant me decided to wear my yoga unitard (mine have shorts, not long pants) under it. So comfy, not too tight, holds everything in, is super supportive, and there is no need for a bra. Brilliant idea I tell ya.

Until I had to go potty

I literally had to get almost completely undressed, in the public restroom, which is not heated, to go. Not such a brilliant idea after all.

So next time you go to the ladies room, think of me, in my birthday suit, and laugh. In fact, I’ve held it as long as I can so I’m heading there now…in all my glory.



  1. bahhahaaahaaahaaa!! you are too funny!

  2. I love the image…too funny. The price of beauty, uh?

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