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Boys Will Be Boys

There are so many things I adore about my son and one of them is his sense of humor. He is really funny and not because he is young and everything is new to him so funny things happen but because he truly understands how to make a joke and the concept of teasing in a good-humored way. He is one of those people who really smiles with his eyes, a trait he gets from his father. This photo was taken on our recent trip to San Francisco. What actually transpired was funnier than what the picture captured but you can tell by his eyes that he is teasing his daddy.

As previously blogged, we are in the potty training stage. One fun fact about being a boy is that you don’t need an actual potty when you need to go potty. The stand and whiz thing can really come in handy. This photo represents my 8th grade sense of humor. Hunky hubby teaching Fussypants how to whiz standing up, in an alley (purposely kept most of Fussypants out of it for child protection reasons but the photo is hilarious because Fussypants is whizzing while holding the balloon pirate sword he got from a street vendor, hubby is cracking up and while I was taking the picture I was getting honks from fellow Supercross patrons who had imbibed as much as my hubby had and felt they needed to comment with their car horns on my picture taking).

And more pictures from our trip:

Love that this one includes the “Photo Spot” sign!

So far, so good!



  1. Mattias is a doll. I love your photos from your trip, especially the alley and the one of you on the merry-go-round. Such a silly thing to do, huh? We got on one in Italy too. Funny. It looks like you had some good clean family fun. :)

  2. oh my goodness the alley photo kills me…that will so be Matt and G! :) looks like a fun trip and your belly is just darling!

  3. Love the second to last one! :)

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