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I had a mini mommy-meltdown this morning and would like a do-over please.

Everything was going just peachy, Fussypants woke up in a good mood, Hunky hubby was still sleeping because he has a cold, and I was all ready for work, with time to spare.

Then I went to get Fussypants dressed for school and it all turned sour.

Fussypants was in a giddy mood, he went potty on the potty and I got him out of his pjs and he morphed into naked baby and went streaking down the hall. Cute, innocent, I still had time to spare. So I went to find him, with his outfit for the day, and couldn’t. Called his name twice, no answer, and started to get ticked off. Hubby is up now so we both start looking for him and find him in the corner of the living room, playing with toys. I no longer have time to spare and am rapidly moving into the “I’m going to be late” zone (today is ice skating day so I wanted to get to work on time so I could leave on time).

Long story short, I lift him up with my hands under his arms to get him out of the corner, he dead-weights on me and the impact of that sudden movement caused a pain in my abdomen which prompted me to say tersely Put your feet on the ground now or I’m going to drop you.

He started laughing and swinging instead. So I smacked his bare bum, not hard but he wasn’t expecting it, and that made him cry.

I felt terrible and almost started to cry myself. He was just being three, and while I know he should have listened to me when I called his name and when I asked him to stand up, he was just being three. He was enjoying being naked, was in a good mood and playing but because I was trying to follow my timeline, I didn’t allot for morning playtime.

Hubby was helping me at this point so I walked away for a minute to compose myself. When I came back in the room, Fussypants was standing there naked and holding his daddy’s hand. He said he was ready to get dressed now and I almost started crying again.

Minutes later he was over it, all dressed and happily playing again but it’s been bothering me all day.

Yes, sometimes kids just need to listen, but sometimes mommys just need to play. I can’t get out of work fast enough today, so I can go home and hug him and play with him.



  1. Been there done that….I hope the rest of your days is filled with all the kid mommy moments!

  2. That would be "good" mommy moments! where did kid come from, lol!!

  3. Wow, what a morning! Yikes! Hope the rest of the day went smoothly and you were able to leave work on time and get to spend time with your son.

  4. Don't beat yourself up….we all have days like that. I hope you had a lot fun with your little man once you got home. :)

    Feel better. xoxo

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