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Just Building

Heard a really loud thump last night, from the family room (I was in the back putting away laundry, it amazes me how much laundry a household of three can generate), and then nothing else. Disturbing since the thump had to have been made by Fussypants since Hunky Hubby was at work and slow-moving, blind, Caleb the WonderDog doesn’t typically make much noise at all.

So I raced as fast as I could (with more than a little wiggle and shake) and found all the couch cushions on the floor (including the long lounger cushion), WonderDog buried under pillows and Fussypants standing there with the ottoman tipped up on it’s side (his moving of that is what had made the thump – he later told me he could move it because he has muscles).

When I asked him what he was doing, he said “I’m building”.

We spent the rest of the hour making forts. It was so fun I forgot to take pictures!

Happy Friday!



  1. oh G would love to do that it we let him with the couch pillows, we try to keep it to blankets and baby chairs!! btw, thank you so much for the package…I was so surprised, so sweet of you to think of me!!!! ;) happy weekend~

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