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Mind like a steel trap

Last Friday Fussypants was eating cinnamon/sugar graham crackers on the way to school. He didn’t finish them, gave them to me and I ate them on my way to work.

Much later, when I picked him up for school, the first thing he said when he got in the car was, “Can I have my cracker snack?”

Boy did I feel like a schmuck telling him I did not have any snack for him since I ate it. The look he gave me still burns.

Fast forward to Monday, as we arrive at school Fussypants hands me his snack cup with one sausage in it, looks at me very sternly and says, “Here is my snack. Don’t eat it. I want it later.” Then he hands me his sippy cup with the parting comment of, “And don’t drink this.”

Duly noted!

When I picked him up later that day he eyeballed me and asked, “is my snack in the mommy buggy?” with just a hint of skepticism. He was pleased as punch that the answer was yes.

I made sure to bring my OWN snack this morning.



  1. Aren't children just the best….they keep us on our toes if nothing else!! :)

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