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Something Sweet (and not about my kid)!

My baby (heehee! He is only 13 months younger than I) brother is getting married this summer and while on the phone with his fiancee last night she confessed to me that while my brother sleeps, she tries on her wedding dress. How sweet is that? I love that she is so excited to marry my brother.

And since it is no secret that I really want to be an Auntie, she also told me (without me prompting and prying) that they have discussed having kids, already have some names picked out and that my brother told her, on Halloween, that he really wants a “ladybug” (which she took to mean a girl).

Whatever they have, it will be perfect, but a year ago they weren’t sure if they’d be getting married let alone having children (they are both in their late 30s and content to just live together) so this is all wonderful & positive news!

As bitter and cynical as I can sometimes be, I am a romantic at heart and when two good people start planning a lifetime together and wanting children, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. When it happens to a member of my own family that I adore, it makes it even more wonderful.

Happy Friday!



  1. That is very sweet. I'm glad that you and your sister-in-law to be are so close.

    Will MZK perhaps be a ring bearer this year? Talk about sweet! :)

  2. Yes! They did ask if he wanted to be to be the ring-bearer to which he replied, "No, I'm a hockey player!" Then he spent the remainder of the day telling everyone he saw that he was the "ring bear". Sooo cute!

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