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In comment to this post, Korie B (my friend, sister of choice and mother of two girls) said this:

I have Baby G. convinced that there are certain laws out there that dictate when you’re allowed to do things.
You can have Hannah Montana bedding when you’re 10.
You can chew bubble gum when you’re 18.
You can listen to Katy Perry when you’re 21 (she heard the song “I Kissed A Girl” once and MEMORIZED THE LYRICS).
You can have Bratz dolls or Moxie girls when you’re 30.
The list goes on…

I had to respond because it made me laugh out loud. Not only have I said similar things to my son, my own mother used to do this to me too!

My mom used to tell me that I “could wear that when I was 25″, or “listen/watch that when I was 25″ or “visit there when I was 25″. “25″ was the age she allotted to me to be a grown-up. When I turned 25, nothing magical happened (though it was a great year and the year I met my husband) but I still remember all those things she would say.

So far, with Fussypants being only 3, I haven’t had the need to throw too many ages out for when he can do things yet but I have told him on more than one occasion that he is way too young for bubblegum. He isn’t savvy enough to ask me when he’ll be old enough for bubblegum but I expect that day to arrive soon. For now, he is content just watching me blow bubbles.


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