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Utah women can be charged with homicide for miscarriage

My friend Kara blogged about a new Utah law that could charge women with homicide if they miscarry. You read that correctly. Read about it here & here.

I am appalled. I get wanting to punish the women who hire someone to beat them up to force a miscarriage but the wording of the law covers many other aspects as well and how can they know right off that it wasn’t “intentional”?

What about those women, like me, who miscarry due to a genetic abnormality? Miscarriage is devastating, traumatizing, and depressing already and now the State is going to add a criminal investigation to it? Sure, those cases would be dismissed, but to have to go through that, during a time of already great tragedy, is appalling.




  1. Absolutely disgusting….I can't even imagine going through that after losing a child….

  2. *grr argh*

    Glad to see you passing the word.

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