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Compelling Argument

This morning began like most mornings, except that Fussypants opted to flex his verbal debate skills before breakfast.

Last night, he found a wayward lollipop but wasn’t allowed to have it after dinner because he didn’t eat all his dinner. Apparently that lollipop was the last thing on his mind before bed and the first thing on his mind when he woke up.

“Mommy, can I hold my lollipop? I won’t eat it. I can hold it though.” – Mind you, he was still in his pjs and sitting on my bed when he asked this.

I figured just holding it was a no harm, no foul scenario, but told him that if I saw him unwrapping it, he’d be in big trouble.

Two minutes later, noggin wheels a’turnin’ he starts in.

“Mommy, I need to taste it, I think it’s been in the paper too long and maybe it’s not good anymore, but if I just taste it then I know if it is good. I can just taste it a little bit (holding up two fingers to indicate a little). I think that is ok”.

He then flashed his most dazzling, angelic smile.

I countered with “You do, do you? You think it has gone bad and you need to check it? All before breakfast?”

“Yes, I think so. I think I need to just taste it, then we can save it for later. We can put it on a napkin and I can eat it later, after I eat all my dinner”.

I decided then that I was going to let him just taste it. He obviously had thought it all through, and presented such a compelling argument that I didn’t have the heart to say no.

He had a taste, declared it “still good, tasted blue and smelled like grape” so we put it in a little sandwich baggie for later. He then ate all his sausage and cheese omelet, quite satisfied that he was getting a lollipop dessert after dinner tonight.

Life’s simple joys. Ah, to be young again.



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