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Mini Rant

I just bought tickets to Kings of Leon (for July, after baby is born – can you say DATE NIGHT) and the concert is “paperless”, which means no ticket. Yet I was still charged $15 each as a “convenience charge”. Seems excessive. What is the convenience for? Using my own computer and entering my own credit card rather than making a trip to the box office myself?

The only two places to buy tickets to this show, online, are Ticketmaster and Live Nation, which are the same company, so there isn’t a way around the $15 convenience charge.

I think it really sucks. Maybe not the most eloquent way to describe my feelings, but there it is. It sucks.

Mini rant over…for now!



  1. So annoying! I suppose you are paying for someone to basically push a button on the other end, but for what I'm not sure.

    I have heard that KOL are great in concert. Enjoy!

  2. I personally like how they charge you a "print" fee of $2.50 to print your own tix at home, but it's FREE if you let them ship them to you!

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