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Monday Puke Day

My Monday started off with toddler puke. Fussypants has been known to get car-sick but has been doing really well, the last time he got sick was waaaayyyy back in September. Don’t know what set him off this morning but I guess there doesn’t need to be a reason.

However, there really is nothing redeeming about puke. Sure, you feel better once you get it out, but once it’s out, it is just yucky. Especially when all over the child, the car and the car seat. And today is suppose to be a 70 degree day…nothing worse than baked puke.

I could tell it was car-sickness rather than flu because he did not have a fever and he was making dinosaur noises with his toys so I brought him to my office instead of school, to clean him up (before taking the mommy buggy home to clean it up). I figured if school saw him covered in puke they’d send him home on the “possibility” that he was “potentially” sick.

He loves my office, he spent a few minutes showing me all the pictures of himself (as if I didn’t know they were there) and telling me what he was doing in each picture, “This is me as a hockey player, this is me as me, this is me at the beach” and a few minutes drawing on my white board (sharks and fish, or so he said).

Then he made me a picture. He told me he made the sun for me, to make me happy. I melted. The sun is my muse, my elixir, my therapy, my sol mate. I’m tattooed with it, my hubby has a Coreenie playlist with sun-related songs on it, my surfboard that my hubby had custom made for me (that I sadly rarely use) has a sun on it. And there is so much more…I’m all about the sun. And for my SON to know that, did indeed make me happy.

Drawing by MZK



  1. Here's to sunnier and less pukier days ahead. xo

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  7. Hienoja vinkkejä ihmisillä. Sipulia sukkiin, villiä! :) Pitää yrittää muistaa nämä, kun rupee basillia pukkaan. Koska Kemppari julkaistaan kirjana? Tässähän on matskua vaikka mihin.

  8. TC, I agree, recognizing that we have a limited time on this earth should push us to great things. We should leave a lasting legacy of greatness, and greater impact for good. Thanks for sharing, God bless.

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