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Mysterious Illness

Our household has been struck with a mysterious illness. So far it is only affecting our three year-old but I really hope it doesn’t spread. I self-diagnosed and believe it is called Yeahbuts disease.


Me: “It is time to wash your hands, dinner is almost ready”

Fussypants: “yeah but….(insert every excuse as to why he cannot wash his hands at that moment here)”

Not sure how this phrase was introduced into his vocabulary but he is seriously afflicted.



  1. Oh boy, the excuses and procrastination have already started, huh? Sounds fun. I wish you lots and lots of patience. :)

  2. This really is serious… I hope you'll be able find the cure the soonest!
    I guess it's best to teach a child through example, I for one have the same problem but what I do, which I think works for me and my child, is that I purposely show her that when there are thing to be done, yo have to do it right away… :> Just a piece of thought:>

  3. Hang on, I will be sending over help ASAP!!! too funny!

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