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The Name Game

Baby girl still does not have a name. We are at the point where I am now just reading names off each page of the baby name book to hear the funny reason why hunky hubby doesn’t like it. It is very entertaining. We have 10 weeks to go, and I am confident we will find the perfect name, even if it isn’t until the day she is born.

Fussypants, however, has some very specific names in mind. A few days ago he suggested that we name his baby sister Baby Jesus, because Baby Jesus is sweet. I recorded the conversation on my iPhone but don’t know how to share it in this blog. It is heartwarming.

Last night Fussypants said, “I know what we can call my baby sister” then he leaned in, put both hands on my belly and whispered, “Michael Handzus“!

Michael Handzus plays for the LA Kings. Anze Kopitar is Fussypants favorite Kings player, and the one he always calls himself when he plays his hockey games, so I think he is keeping that name for himself.

He shares well, but there is a limit, apparently.



  1. Maybe you will just have to meet her before you name her. LMW went unnamed for several hours until we chose Lucas. We did have a short list going to the hospital though. 10 weeks is a while….I am sure you will come up with something. Just not Baby Jesus or Michael Handzus. LOL! Your son is hilarious.

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