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Alive and unwell

I promise I have not melted into bed rest oblivion and become one with the pillows although some days I feel like it. I haven’t been posting because the entire household, save the dog, is ill.

Fussypants was the first to go down with strep throat, a fever of 102 and a wheezing cough. The this morning he woke up with what could possibily be pink eye.

My mom,who had been in town for a month helping me with my life while I am on bed rest, was next. She has a sore throat and went home for a week to see her doctor (and for a funeral but that is a different story). She is on the mend and returns to Socal this weekend.

Hunky hubby saw the doc yesterday and has a sinus infection. He looks and sounds terrible and is a wee but grouchy but is now on antibiotics so hopefully will feel better soon.

I’ve had a sore throat and head cold for a few days and actually lost my voice for a bit. So fun when 8 months pregnant. My OB says I can take antibiotics if needed but I have to get them from my GP, so if I don’t feel better today, I’ve got to make an appointment.

I have some funny tidbits to post and will hopefully get them on the blog this weekend. But for now, I’m going to close my eyes and try to rest.



  1. Hope you are feeling better soon!! That stinks when everyone is sick, pluk, been there done that!
    Hang in there, not much time left!

  2. Keep going, mamma, you're doing great! I'm sending positive thoughts your way. :)

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