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Couldn’t stop laughing…

Quick post, trying to get some work done AND prepare for baby but this made me laugh out loud so I have to share.

Someone reminded me that I need a few things for ME when baby arrives…like a hospital bag packed…so as I was looking through what I currently have and noting what I currently need, I realized that my nursing bras are just ugly. Well, not ugly so much as functional and plain (and huge, good grief…takes the concept of full coverage to the extreme). And the last two months of bed rest have driven home to me that I’m so over functional and plain. I shower every day but have no need for hair and make-up and most days wear sweats. So I decided that I want a new sexy, hot, check-me-out nursing bra (so my priorities are a little whacked but a few months of bed rest will do that to you).

Anyway, I found this doing a google search:

The Easy Expression Bustier Hands Free Pumping Bra! Classic, though I doubt I would be able to hands-free pump while reading a mag and enjoying a cup o’joe with a newborn and 3.5 yr old anywhere in the vicinity but the picture and concept is just hilarious. If they could make a mobile hands-free unit, maybe that would work…

I’ll let you know if I find something a lot more sexy while still being functional.



  1. Funny! What will they think of next?

  2. oh goodness, could you even imagine!!! hilarious!!

  3. Believe it or not, but I have actually seen this contraption at work. My fiend Lisa P. has one and when her baby was almost 3 months premature she would walk around her house with it on producing enough milk to feed a small village in Africa. It was quite impression, although ridiculous looking. Did you get one? LOL!!

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