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All Boy and Territorial to Boot

Fussypants is all boy. He’ll be walking along and will just kick a trash can or a dirt clod or pick up a stick and huck it. When I asked hubby if he taught him those things he said no. Apparently it’s just a boy thing.

So we are finally making some progress on the nursery. The new bookcases are now installed in the living room (which does double duty as playroom) and I’ve been slowly moving items out of the library.
Over the weekend I was organizing the CDs (the Virgo in me has to have them alphabetized) so I had stacks on the floor. Fussypants came into the room and immediately starting kicking the stacks over. When I asked him not to do that, he asked “why”? I explained what I was doing and he went to kick another stack, as though I hadn’t said a word or was even present. I told him to stop and asked him to leave the room.

He looked at me and responded, “You leave the room. This is my room. I have more toys in here then you, so that makes it mine”.

Tough to argue that one, in fact, he has more toys all over the house. Maybe he should start making the mortgage payment with his cuteness credits.


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