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Ms Tonya (of Letters For Lucas)

Fussypants has my coloring (pale boy) and Ms. Flynn has her daddy’s olive tone and I’m thinking that neither of my kids are going to have my blue eyes

Some of you may be wondering how our new daughter ended up with her name. Well, the meaning is there is no meaning other then hunky hubby and I just loved the beauty, simplicity and uniqueness of it. And we have received so many compliments, by friends and strangers alike!
We were 98% sure she’d be Flynn even before we knew for sure she was a girl, and the reason we didn’t share that with anyone was because it was the ONE and ONLY name we agreed on and we didn’t want anyone to ruin it for us.

Piper as a middle name was an early front-runner, with Marissa (we decided on Piper after she was born and we met her, but it came down to Piper and Marissa), Vida, and Teagan as possibilities. Hunky hubby made the final decision on Piper, which is endearing to me that he picked his daughter’s middle name. By the way, if she had been a boy, the name most likely would have been Tristan Ezra.

So while neither Flynn or Piper mean anything special when you search babynames.com, the specialness comes from how much we both loved the names!

My labor came on unexpectedly and very fast. I was only one week off bedrest and Thursday night (May 13) I told my husband that my entire body ached and that I was sure baby wanted out (he was at work) and I was stopped in my office parking lot by a man I work with because he thought I needed help to my car. He later told me that he was sure I was in labor then by the look on my face and how I was walking, or waddling rather. On Friday my doctor sent me to the hospital for fetal diagnostics, and my contractions were 4 minutes apart but since I had been having contractions for so long, that really meant nothing to me. When my water broke while there however, I knew baby girl was making her debut that day. Everything else was easier then when I had Fussypants. I dilated very fast, only pushed for about 15 minutes and she arrived!

Flynn is a sweet, cuddly little girl who sometimes fusses but rarely cries (and now that I have put that in writing she’ll most likely turn into a screaming machine). She does make a very cute squeak noise. As soon as I get to know her a little better I will give her a nickname and add her to the blog as our Adventures will now include her as well.

Fussypants is an AWESOME big brother, he has some moments of poutiness but he has been a dream. He pats her on the head and says, “hello sweetheart, hello cutie” and asks, “when she is done with her booby baba, can I hold her?”

More pictures in the next post, I am trying to upload more but keep getting interrupted!

So far, so very, very good.



  1. oh coreen, she is just precious, so little and sweet!! I am so happy for you guys! I can't wait to meet her! xo

  2. Yay!! So glad I got to meet Miss Flynn (and make it into you blog!). I love her name and to hear how sweet Fussypants is with her. Hugs to all! xoxo

  3. Thank you! She sure is fun! She is actually easier then her brother!! :)

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