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Battle of the Sexes

I fear I’m in for an Us Against Them battle in the years ahead. Our boy, Fussypants, has always been my boy, he sooooo loves his mama, but the last few weeks he and his daddy have been enjoying the nicer weather and surviving my bed rest by spending more time together doing the everyday things like baths, getting dressed for school and also hanging out at the park, going on bike rides, and playing hockey and soccer and golf (yes, Fussypants now has his own set of real clubs). For the latter, I’ve been told that I cannot play but I can watch.

I love that my husband and son are bonding and finding activities just for them. All children should have a relationship that is unique to each parent and also one that is the family unit.

But hubby and son had a daddy and son moment over the weekend that shot up a little red flag.

Fussypants was listing off all the sports he was going to play and hit all of them but one. So I said, “what about surfing”. His reply was hilarious, “surfing isn’t a sport, it’s just play”. So that prompted a whole dialogue from hubby about how it is a sport and the difference between team sports and individual sports (mind you, our son is three). And somehow that turned into girls aren’t as good as boys at sports.

I looked at my hubby and reminded him that we are having a daughter soon and that he is responsible for empowering her and helping her to grow-up equipped with confidence and self-esteem. Which he thought was very humorous and gave our son a knowing look. So I then reminded him that his son was getting a sister soon and that he was responsible for treating her respectfully. Which prompted another knowing look between the two of them.

My hubby has a special talent for teasing me and after 14 years together I still sometimes cannot tell if he is being serious or not and my son inherited that same gene. I know in my heart that both my boys will treat this baby girl wonderfully but I still fear there is going to be Us Against Them moments ahead.

The adventure continues. So far, so good.



  1. Wow. Interesting interaction with the two of them. And good on you for calling L out on the his girls comment!

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