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He May Be Catching On

In the car on the way home, after picking Fussypants up from school yesterday, we had our Talk Time, like we always do.

I have always talked to him from the second he was born (those that know me well understand I am rarely at a loss for words – I even talk to myself so having a baby is the perfect cover for that brand of crazy) but we established Talk Time when he could really start answering back. During the work week, Talk Time usually occurs in the car and in the first few minutes of arriving at home (before dinner, play and chores – always so much to do). Talk Time mainly consists of me asking non-yes or no questions (not always as easy as it sounds) about his day and him answering me with non-yes or no responses.

Yesterday, all he wanted to discuss was the book his teacher read, the pirate book. He descriptively told me about the story and the pictures and asked if we could get the book for our house. So this morning I asked his teacher what the title was and she said they read two pirate books yesterday, both by the same author: Melinda Long and David Shannon.

She pulled them out to show me and Fussypants was VERY clear that the book he wanted was this one:That’s right, Pirates Don’t Change Diapers. Interesting timing, since baby girl is due in 2.5 weeks, don’t ya think? He is more like his daddy then I could ever imagine!

I bought it for him today, and am looking forward to some reading time this evening.



  1. We picked up the CD of that book before A was born & G listened to it over & over again. Great choice!

  2. Love this line:

    "having a baby is the perfect cover for that brand of crazy"


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