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Toddler Timing

Had to break bed rest to take Fussypants to school today, folks went home for a week and hubby is working…huge accident on way to school, took 30 minutes to get diverted, then hit construction on alternate route. Stuck in construction traffic, on a road with no turn-offs and Fussypants says he has to go to the bathroom. He has to poop, he elaborates. I beg him to hold it until I can get to a place I can find a bathroom. Finally make it to a light so I can turn, then found a park and he goes. Only to then run away from me because he wants to play in the park and go on the slides. All he wants to do is be a three year old and play. Only problem is, I have to work and have to get back for a conference call. I feel like crap, but can only let him play for about 5 minutes then beg him to get in the car. He unwillingly obliges and cries the rest of the way to school. Once at school, he was fine, happy even and I got two kisses and a huge hug from him, but I still feel like crap.

I know once baby arrives and I am on maternity leave I will have more time to do fun things with my son, like play at the park on a Monday. Until then, I struggle and straddle the line all working moms do.



  1. Kids will be kids and sooner than you know, you will have QT with both of yours. Hang in there. xoxo

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