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Versatile Blogger Award – is that like multitasking?

Tonya, my awesome friend and blogger mommy: Letters For Lucas, honored me with this award. Her insightful and honest musings are an ode to her young son, chronicling the wonders of parenthood (all the ups and downs) and her love for Lucas.

In order to accept this award, I have a few things to do:

Share seven things about myself with you:

1. I really like to be alone. Not forever alone or weird unibomber alone, but pre-husband and kids, I lived alone and still really enjoy my own time. I find myself very amusing. However, these days alone time is few and far between (I even have an audience when I go potty in the form of a 3 yr old who doesn’t grasp the concept of privacy).

2. I can’t stand it when people say, “I’m living the dream” because most times their lifestyle is the furthest thing from what I find dreamy. The statement should be, “I’m living MY dream”.

3. I meant to motivate and leave the house to get a pedicure today but that didn’t happen. At least I showered.

4. I love my children so much it makes my heart hurt. I am constantly amazed that my husband and I created these people, that they came from my body. I could sit and watch them sleep all night (like that episode of Cougartown). But I also worry sometimes, since I am not a boy, about raising my son to be a good man. My hubby will play a huge roll there, but I also need to contribute and I hope I am equipping him right. I don’t worry so much about raising a strong, empowered, self-assured daughter since I already have experience with that, being a girl myself (I am woman, hear me roar).

5. I am forever on the hunt for a decent eye cream, one that is moisturizing yet firming. I’ve tried so many from the expensive to cheap to no avail. Anyone have any recommendations?

6. My husband can make me laugh like nobody else.

7. Last week I resigned my position as Philanthropy Advisor for my sorority’s chapter at University of Laverne, after serving as advisor for almost four years. I already miss the sisterhood and am really sad that I cannot continue but I just am not able to put in the time that my advisee deserves. Since high school I have always volunteered somewhere, sometimes at multiple places, and this will be the first time in a long time that I am not sharing some of my time towards philanthropy.

Thank the person who gave you this award:

Tonya, thank you so much for thinking of me, sharing this award with me and for reading my blog and finding me witty. You always make time for me and I appreciate your friendship so much!

Pass this blog along to three fellow deserving bloggers:

Kara: My TV partner in crime and fellow wordsmith. Kara writes Back to San Diego, a blog about travel, TV, the cool things she gets to do (Glee concert, Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion at the Paleyfest – with me) and other off-the-wall funny sh&t; that happens around her and casa defrias, her blog chronicling their road to parenthood and her recent cancer set-back (which she beat, thank goodness). She writes with honesty and humor and is an amazingly strong woman.

Korie: College friend, sorority sister, mother of two girls and the most creative paper goddess (or Paper Slut as she describes herself)! Her blog We Will Always Have Paris is chock full of the inventive ideas and coupons. And you really need to check out her Nancy Drew Date Books on her Etsy shop (if she has any left).

Carrie: College friend, sorority sister, mother of three, and amazing photographer (she did my Fussypants photos, my belly shots and baby girl’s newborn pictures). She also started a Charter school in her district and she still has time to blog: Blah, blah, blog!

Contact the bloggers I’ve chosen and let them know about the award.

Thanks again Tonya, and cheers to blogging!


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