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Gimme a J, gimme an E…

It really sucks when your kid acts like a jerk.

I know, you are thinking that he is three and a little young to be a jerk, maybe it’s just the Y chromosome or my perception but when I dropped him off at school this morning it was CHAOS. The kids are all moving to their new classrooms next week so today and tomorrow (school’s closed Friday for a staff development day, i.e., recovery from the two days of CHAOS) the morning activity is that any kid can go into any room or any play yard.

There were babies in the big kid room, big kids in the baby room – a mishmash of children EVERYWHERE. Fussypants knew immediately that he wanted to go play with the dinosaurs in Orange Room. He was very excited about it, like it was such a special treat. He didn’t seem fazed by the CHAOS but in my eyes, it swallowed him. So I went with him, through the hubbub, and made sure the teacher (someone I didn’t know but who knew Fussypants) was aware he was in there. As I walked out, I told every teacher I saw that he was in Orange Room playing dinosaurs. I even mentioned to at least two of them that it was chaos and made them promise not to misplace my son or lose him in the CHAOS. I am sure they think I am hormonal, exhausted and possibly a little crazy.

After that, Squeak and I went to Costco and I bought Fussypants a book because I missed him and leaving him like that, amid the chaos, made my heart feel heavy.

I gave him the book when we got home and he loved it. After we read it, he wanted to watch his Elmo Dinosaur DVD…I, of course, was feeding Flynn and the DVD was in the car so I told him he had to wait a few minutes. That is when he started acting like a jerk. He pouted, he threw his shoe in my general vicinity (even in his pout mode he knew better then to hit me with it), he shouted NOW, I WANT to WATCH it NOW a few times.

I get that his antics were due, in part, to the fact that he wasn’t getting attention because my time was being occupied by his sister, which he is still adjusting to, but he needs to learn that in life, patience is a virtue and one doesn’t always get his way. But him acting like a jerk almost made me feel bad for buying him a treat. And that thought actually did make me feel bad.

Before we had Fussypants, we miscarried and I bought myself a necklace that has become, for lack of a better description, my tailsman. It says i am on the front and Blessed on the back. I wear it all the time and it is a reminder to myself that sometimes the good and the bad are wrapped up so tightly together that you have to take it as whole package.

So jerk or not, I’ll take it, deal with it and tomorrow will be a new day.

As the movie line says, “when you love someone, you love all of them, that’s the job”.



  1. oh dear, I can relate here…2 has nothing on 3…3 is tough, you need lots and lots of patients, well at least I do, cause my punk is HARD HEADED…but in the end we do love them with all we have, huh? love your necklace, love it!

  2. I concur…we never really had the "terrible" twos but three certainly has been more of a challenge. It's mostly good but when it's bad, it's exhausting! God I love him though!

  3. I love your mantra and glad that you have it as a reminder around your neck.

    I have heard from everyone I know with a three year old that it's the "Terrible Threes", not "Twos". Add a new baby sister to the mix and he's all out of sorts!

    Patience is a virtue… one I am, even at (almost) 38 still trying to grasp.

    Hang in there, gingerbreadmama!!

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