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Good Trade, Good Trade

Hunky hubby is teaching our son little quips that only seem to haunt me.

He’s got him saying, “What’s up brutha” to boys and “Hey babies” to girls. The other morning Fussypants followed me around spewing non-stop babies, “I want pancakes please babies” and “do you know where my xyz toy is babies?”

Yesterday was a new one. He asked for a clean tissue (we are s.l.o.w.l.y learning to blow our nose, not pick it) and when I handed it to him, he gave me the soiled one and said, “good trade, good trade”. What is that?

When I told that to my husband he looked at me with an expression that clearly stated DUH and said, “It’s always a good trade to get a clean tissue for a yucky one”.

I guess I should have known!



  1. Your husband is hilarious. He's a creating a Mini Lance. :)

  2. Isn't that the truth! His own little mini-me!

  3. Laughing hysterically….tooo funny!

  4. That’s more than sebisnle! That’s a great post!

  5. - I am sure the View will not go in the direction you mentioned, they are too eclectic for that. And this is a good example of their wide coverage which my family and I have been enjoying reading for the last three years.

  6. ‘I don’t see boat people, I just see people.’ Bravo! But on the whole her tone was impatient, intolerant – dare I say, a wee bit fundamentalist? I imagine some would confess to feeling a bit torn. Go with the so-called out-of-touch message, yet delivered winsomely, or go with the new atheist line, delivered at a shrill pitch? The argument is always so much more than the words and the logic: see how much sheer character brings to bear, and bears witness to, the things being said. Thanks PFJ.

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