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Humble Me

I am honored by Tonya’s (Letters for Lucas) recognition with this Your Blog is Fabulous award. She is a friend and a fan and I am tickled that she enjoys my musings of parenting my small children.

I adore my subject matter, and am constantly awed, amazed and occasionally appalled by my children and what comes out of their mouths and other orifices. There is rarely a dull moment to be had in our casa, which is fine by me as I need to write like I need to breathe and they provide the best fodder.

Thank you Tonya, for being a reader, a fan, a friend and an inspiration.

I, in turn, recognize Tara of Blondie ‘N’ SC. Her blog is fabulous, it is girlie, beautiful, and honestly pushes me to be more creative.



  1. Good choice… I love Tara's blog!

    Keep up the great work, kid. xoxo

  2. you are so sweet coreen!! I am so sad to miss your lunch date! :( Thank you so much for the mention, it means so much to me!

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