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New Blog Title

Baby girl is three weeks old today. We mostly call her by her name but we’ve also been calling her Squeak or Little Miss Squeak, because that is what she does and has done since birth. She’s like a squeaky toy. She lets out these sweet squeaks and peeps that make everyone laugh.

Fussypants used to hum when he was a baby, so it’s funny his sister squeaks. Both my children are noisy, they could be their own band.

I had envisioned giving her a nickname that was girlie and sweet evoking thoughts of pink sugar and spice and everything nice but the girl toots as loud as her dad and she squeaks. That’s my girl.

Anyhow, I updated the blog title so that I could add baby girl as she is going to fit prominently into my posts. The blog title may change again, as I get to know her but so far Squeak fits.

So Captain Fussypants and Caleb the Wonder Dog now have a new playmate, partner in crime, and confidante.

Life couldn’t be more wonderful.

So far, so good.



  1. Very appropriate new title and I really love the new look… especially the little buttons.

  2. Thanks! I wanted something that was gender neutral but leaning towards a little girlie!

  3. I love the new banner….it is very girlie, is miss flynn rubbing off on you! ;) Give little miss squeaks a hug for me!

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