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Snug bug is baaaacccckkkk!

My sweet boy is back. Turns out all Fussypants needed was some mommy and me time. He had such fun the last two days, he’s been his sun-shine self again. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy hearing I love you mommy.

I am rethinking my decision to not purchase a double stroller though. Squeak ended up in the bjorn so Fussypants could ride in the stroller. The funny here is that I had the little car seat stroller with me. As you can see from the photo, Fussypants made it work.
While I am sharing, Squeak rolled herself onto her side today. Seems a little early for that but as another friend stated, “let the milestones begin”!



  1. Let the milestones begin, alright!

    I love these photos… especially the ones of MZK in the (pink ruffled) stroller. :)

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