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Update on my little “jerk”

Day two of Fussypants acting like a j.e.r.k.

Tonight, because he didn’t like that he couldn’t have cookies before dinner, he slammed the closet door and turned off the light while I was in there. Then he spit on the carpet. Spit.on.the.carpet. I know, so gross. I was so ticked off and drawing on my reserves of patience so I pointed decisively and said GO TO YOUR ROOM.

And he did.

Holy smokes, the mama power I weild! He actually went to his room, crying and saying I’m sorry mommy, I’m sorry.

I let him stay in there for 10 minutes (he stood just inside the doorway) before I said it was ok to come out. Then he was back to being my sweet boy with no further drama.

I’m still shocked that he listened. And I’m so trying it again.



  1. Poor little button… he's just adjusting to life with a new person in your family, but I know you already know that. Hang in there and take notes for me!!!

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