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There was a time when I was fairly decent at accessorizing my outfits with my jewelry. Now it’s all about what blends with spit-up.

We are going to Del Mar opening day this week. In years past my dress search would begin at least a month prior, with 100s of dresses rejected until I found THE ONE. This year I am wearing something I already own because it is less expensive that way and the style bodes well to easy access pumping. My handbag selection is being determined by size rather than style in order to accommodate my latest accessory.

Yes, a manual hand pump. The tag line is “lightweight and portable for on-the-go pumping”. Awesome.
I’m sure I’ll be the belle of the ball taking up precious bathroom space when the line to the women’s room is around the corner.

I considered not going, but it is something we do every year and my husband will go with or without me. I have an all day babysitter (Grandma) and eight weeks of bed rest and a newborn hasn’t done much for the romance aspect of our marriage and going means adult time with my husband in a fun setting.
So I am going, I am accessorizing with my on-the-go breast pump in my gently used but still super cute dress and I will have fun.
A woman’s work, need I say more?



  1. Hey, a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do. Or should I say mommy. :)

    Hope you had a blast!

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