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Friday Flip-offs

Tonya introduced this therapeutic activity to me, designed by Kludgy Mom.

I’d like to think of myself as laid-back, easy-going and any other hyphenated words that evoke a relaxed demeanor but the truth is I am cynical, bitter and tired. So I flip off:
1. Scrabble’s tag line. “Every word’s a winner” my ass. If that were true, you’d let me play Zen.
2. My laptop. It is painfully slow and what the flip is the deal with the cursor jumping around while I am typing and putting my words all over the place?
3. The amount of laundry my household generates. It’s as though my laundry is breeding more laundry.
4. My sweet tooth. I’ve always devoured chocolate and haven’t met a red vine I wouldn’t eat but with the pregnancy and now post-pregnancy hormone wackiness I can’t get enough sugar. I ate flipping gelato the other day and I don’t even really like the stuff! And speaking of hormones, can I cry a little more, please? ‘Cause crying at just about everything isn’t quite enough. Flip-off hormones!
5. Thrush. Baby girl and I are passing it back in forth, have been to the doctor three times (hers twice, mine once) and it flipping hurts to nurse and her little belly rises like bread after she eats. We are on a new medicine now but really…flip-off ye yeasty beast!
I feel better. Now I am off to play, my folks are taking the kids overnight so hubby and I can have a date night. I still have to pump (sometimes nursing sucks) so some of the romance will be skewed, but it will be nice to have some alone time with my man (although I know I’ll miss my kids)!
Happy 4th of July!!



  1. WWF allows zen. :)

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