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Organized Smorganized

Fussypants wants to play soccer. I mean he really, really, really wants to play. He says when he is bigger he is going to play on daddy’s team. He is in a soccer camp now but keeps asking when he gets to play “his” games, with “his” team.

So I signed him up for Fall Rec Soccer. Two days later they mailed my form and money back to me and sent an e-mail telling me he is too young and won’t be eligible until the 2010-2011 Fall season. He misses the age cutoff for the U5 team by TWO days. The cutoff is 12/31 and his birthday is 01/02.

Rules are rules I suppose but TWO days? I’m annoyed. I have a feeling that this is just the first in many instances where the rules of organized sports will annoy me.

So it begins…years of a love/hate relationship are now ahead of me.



  1. Two days? That is SOOOOOO stupid! When does ice hockey start again?

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