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The Sleep Game

I was prepared to be up at all hours, odd hours, several hours in a row when baby girl arrived but I wasn’t prepared for Fussypants to decide sleeping was overrated.

It started with attempts to delay actually going to bed. He needed a snack, a little more tv, a toy, oh wait, not that toy but that other toy, to go potty one more time, a drink (he is the King of Procrastination). Then it became about the shadows in his room created by his nightlight. All of these things my husband and I dealt with, for the most part patiently but some exasperated sighs may have been heard.

Tonight was more of the same. An hour after he went to bed, he was still awake making his demands. I was just about done when I heard him screaming mommy, I mean really screaming, and as I was running to his room I just about collided with him running to me. He was truly scared and crying. Apparently he had drifted off and in his almost asleep state, had a doozy of a dream that scared the sh&t; out of him. It took me a good chunk of time to convince him that there was no ghost/pirate/green goo (yeah, not sure about that one either)/monsters or other scary things coming to get him.

I don’t think sleep is in my near future.



  1. Yikes! There must be something in the air because LMW's bed time has been creeping closer to 8:00 and then 8:30 and then one night last week 9:00! I hate bedtime struggles, especially when he only takes one 1.5 hour a day!

    My theory is that they just don't want to miss out on something.

    My parents used to use reverse psychology on me and let me stay up until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and then they'd say "no, you wanted to stay up, remember?" Before too long, I'd be begging to go to bed. It worked!

    LMW is probably too young for it, but might be worth a shot with MZK???

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